Screaming From The Rooftops That Mercedes Benz OEM Parts Are Superior To Competition

How Mercedes Tech inside their rims, engines, transmissions are better than BMW, Audi?

As the slogan of Mercedes-Benz, the best or nothing implies their vehicles stand for the vehicles of the high class and quality which every journey turn into a special experience. This company is recognized all around the world, and it has gained an enormous reputation for the quality, attractive look, and durability of their vehicles which characteristics exceed all those of their competitor vehicles.

When compared to other two luxury German brands BMW and Audi, Mercedes-Benz cars prove to be far better than their competitors although they do not lack many excellent characteristics either. All three brands of automobiles are luxury, and they offer a long list of engine choices, body styles, features, equipment, and options, so how Mercedes-Benz cars are different and what makes them better?

Audi stands for a powerful car which also offers you many possibilities. Although they may give you the feeling that you are riding a mighty beast, they, however, lack attractive, luxurious look of the expensive cars because of their shape and peculiar geometric designs. Their infotainment systems are also not so astonishing like those of Benz cars, and as the time passes these cars prove to be the least reliable. They often have troubles with their engines and transmission and they often tend to break down, and their repair can cost a real fortune and the more expensive they are, the bigger repair costs are, so unlike Mercedes-Benz models.

As for BMW models, besides the fact that they are among the most fuel efficient cars, they can also provide you with a balance of ride and a solid tech inside their cabins. They are far better than Audi cars and better looking, but they still lag behind the royal Mercedes-Benz automobiles and depending on the model, their repair can also be very expensive. So, as far as their reliability is concerned they are somewhere in the middle.

So, once again we see that Mercedes-Benz vehicles deserve their slogan ‘The best or nothing’. They are luxury cars in their true sense, to their very core. Sitting in them and driving them make you feel privileged and feel like a king. This is not only due to their astonishing appearance and magnificent interiors and their comfort but also due to the immense quality and durability of their engines, rims, transmission systems and all other parts. The tech inside them is the most advanced and made to last and serve well. Although they may sometimes be a little bit hard to drive, the company that makes them stick to their long tradition and a long history of quality and they will never fail you like Audi models. They proved to be the most reliable and the most rewarding cars to own. They rarely break down, and their repairs are not expensive at all. Unlike the previous two brands, Mercedes-Benz cars are the least costly to own and repair. The more expensive Mercedes-Benz models are the least expensive they are to fix thanks to their better build quality and reliability again.





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