The Best Healthy Tips for Programers

As we know, programmers spend too much time in front of their computers. They spend even more time than hardcore gamers and people who work in the offices.

Although this type of work is very well paid, long sitting in front of the computers is very frustrating for most of the programmers and in most cases can have a bad effect on their health. There are too many health hazards like heart diseases, muscle degeneration, and many others serious disorders.

So, if you want to be a healthy programmer, you need to think about this problem and make some decisions. Bart Jacobs has published an article for TutPlus, where she shared with us, seven best tips for the healthy programmer.

Seven Tips for the Healthy Programmer

You don’t know what you have until you lose it. We all know what it means, but we often forget that it also applies to our health. In no way is this article intended to lecture you or make you feel guilty about your lifestyle. With this article, I simply want to share a few tips that can help you stay healthy as a programmer.

While programming isn’t considered a dangerous occupation with a lot of hazards, a surprising number of developers suffer from health issues. Sitting at a desk won’t kill you, but studies have shown that it isn’t as healthy as you might think. Luckily, it’s surprisingly easy to make some changes with very little effort. Read the full article here.

Here is another one article from Bugs and Pieces which explains how it is important to walk at work. Walking helps to improve our cognitive functions which mean that we will be more focused at work and will be in a good mood in general.

 Takeaways: The Healthy Programmer

I recently picked up The Healthy Programmer by Joe Kutner. The 8+ hours of programming are beginning to take their toll on my health with various headaches/eyeaches, so I wanted to see if Joe had any insights into what I can do to stay healthy. Here are my key take-aways from Joe’s book:

Walk Walk and Walk Some More

One of the big points that Joe stresses is the importance of walking. He tears through the current “standing desk” fad sweeping through the nation. Numerous studies can be cited which state that standing for 8 hours a day can be as bad for you as sitting 8 hours a day, albeit in different ways. The best thing we can do for our bodies is to take frequent breaks in which we walk. Walking gets the heart pumping, which is the source of the health benefits associated with walking.

Walking is also associated with better cognitive function. We learn and remember things better while walking, which is extremely important for programmers. Read the full article here.

As we saw, the most important thing for programmers is to walk while working. Let’ be honest, many of them don’t have enough time to do this, so standing desk would be a good idea for them. If you want to choose between standing or sitting while working, you should get one of these. You can easily customize these desks and enjoy the work. Check this link above to find out more information about this.

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